To ensure maximum durability,  all our greens are "harvested to order".

Our foliages are selected by size, manually washed and treated with non-toxic products to ensure the elimination of insects, eggs or spores. And they are polished with natural waxes. 

Ferns are packed in Bunches of 10 stems for exportation.

We pack them in Octaves (OB ) , Quarters (QB ) , Half Box ( HB ) -23 cm high - , Jumbos Half Boxes( JHB ) -25 cm - and Extra Jumbo ( EJHB ) -30 cm- .

For tropical foliages, the boxes are isolated and tagged with NO COOLING labels.
Packages may be solid or assorted, according to customer requirements. 

Our QB Mixed Boxes (GREEN'S BOX) carry a mixture of 10 varieties of foliages of several forms, Classics and Novelties, for use by florists and decorators of events, with at least 250 stems.


MINI (M)              30-40 CM (15 INCH)

SMALL (S)             40-50 CM (20 INCH)

MEDIUM (M)          50-60 CM (25 INCH)

LARGE (L)               60-70 CM (30 INCH)

EXTRA LARGE (XL)     70-90 CM (35 INCH)




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