Ordering Wholesale Flowers and Roses:

Our Guarantee

Wholesale Flowers

We currently sell to florists, floral designers, retail stores, party/wedding planners and more. Orders are usually placed by phone, email or by visiting  our Germantown, MD or Springfield VA locations.

We want to be your trusted wholesaler for life.  

We’re so committed to making sure we can meet all of your floral needs that we have a Fixed Price Guarantee when you place a standing order.

(Prices won't fluctuate during Valentine's day or Mother's day)

We stand behind our guarantee that all of our flowers, roses and fillers will meet your high standards.

*More advantages of placing a  year-round  Standing Order here.

​​​​​  "All  You  Need  is  Flowers" is an importer/wholesaler of floral products from Ecuador, Colombia and Netherlands.

Customers interested in reselling, must be approved and established as an account before they can purchase.

If you have a Business Name and a State Resale Tax ID, you are already halfway to savings!

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We strive to build an on-going relationship with the flower community. Only by working together can we all succeed!


Our best prices are F.O.B. Miami, but we could also monitor the requirements of quality and timely delivery of the flower directly to your store’s loading docks if you are located in the East Coast.

Hours of Operation:

Both "All You Need is Flowers" locations are open Monday - Saturday from 9am - 10pm, and Sunday from 11am - 7pm (Eastern Time).
Email orders can be placed for local deliveries 24 hours a day.
-Please note: We do have extended business hours during flower holidays, such as, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter and Christmas-

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