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Standing Orders - Frequently Asked Questions:

If you value your time and like the convenience of pre-ordering your products, specially if you repeatedly  require certain products of the same quantity...  then Standing Orders are right for your business!

Save money by taking advantage of  fixed prices

Save time by placing your orders for 12-18 months in advance

Choose your weekly or bi-weekly delivery schedule

Get product consistency

Enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing your flowers are pre-ordered

-Will my prices change?

No, they won't.  Prices do not fluctuate once you place a standing order. (Not even during Valentine's day)

-How will I be invoiced?

Net 30

-Is there a time-frame requirement?

A minimum 12-month order is required in order to participate in the Standing Order program.

-Can I make my own box? (Pick my varieties)
Yes, in most cases. Let us know what varieties interest you, and we will contact the farms to negotiate the best deal possible for you.

If you are only getting roses, you may pick your colors.

-How do I determine delivery dates?

All deliveries will be made on Mondays or Tuesdays in accordance with your standard shipping instructions. You can have a weekly or bi-weekly standing order.

-How do I make a claim? And how long is the claim period after receiving my shipment?

Contact your account manager up to 48 hours after having received your flowers. Pictures will be required (must include the respective covers from the farms in the picture to make a successful claim).

-What happens when Canceling/Reducing my Order?

Maximum 4 cancellations per year.

For a one-time cancellation, a charge of $5.00 per box is applied.
For a permanent cancellation, a charge of $20.00 per box is applied.

-Can I change my order?

Our Standing Order program does allow for some flexibility to fit your current situation, simply contact your Account Manager to make amendments.

Please note: Changes cannot be made during peak season.  

-Can I change my shipping instructions?

If you are arranging your own shipping from Miami, you can change it at any time. Please call your account manager if you have an airline or truck account.

But if we are delivering to your store please call us directly at (301) 339-3700


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How much is your time worth?

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