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Preserved Roses do not require water nor refrigeration. Therefore, each rose you receive contributes to minimize global water shortage.

Using a patented environmentally conscious preservation process, we have been able to capture the beauty of every rose and every moment for our customers to relive and enjoy time and time again.

TA30  Length: 12 in / 30 cm

​​​​Flag Roses (Flags of all nations available - see  samples

TA60  Length: 20 in / 60 cm


Stems - Gift Boxes:

TA70  Length: 25 in / 70 cm

USA Flag

*Thanks to a natural preservation process, our roses can last up to 60 days without care. 

We now work with rose farms in Ecuador with more than 30 years of experience. With family tradition in agriculture and rose breeding, they have continued to strive to innovate ways to protect the environment, thus, making us pioneers in the preserved rose market due to our production and delivery of superior quality, longevity, bacteria-free roses. In addition, we personalize design and offer an infinite range of colors.

Preserved Roses by size:

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