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Organic Roses:

We are one of the few wholesalers from Ecuador who actually takes their customers’ well-being as a priority. That is why  we carry roses 80% organic.

Currently, we offer more than 60 super premium varieties of organic roses. We are constantly looking to innovate and expand our products to meet our customers’ needs.

Eco-friendly Farms. We have reduced by 80% the use of chemical materials in our farms. We use organic products for an eco-friendly agricultural management.

Creative Ideas. By reducing the use of chemical pesticides and their harmful effects on the soil and on human beings, we want to deliver not only beautiful, higher quality roses but roses & flowers that won’t harm our employees, our customers and our planet.

Specialized Team. We take roses personally, that is why our co-workers are specialists in quality and beauty. They have been carefully trained in the craft of cultivating amazing roses. From the growers in the field, to the engineers in the labs, our team members are rose experts.

The Hand of the Artisan. The beauty of an "​All ​You ​Need ​is ​Flowers" rose lies in the smallest of details, from planting the rose seeds at the right time of year to rising before the sun to harvest the crops.

Our Reward. By going organic we have improved the development of our plants. Our roses have intense colors, thicker stems, a healthier foliage and a longer vase life.